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Best StreamHunter Alternatives to Stream Sports ⋆ Naijaknowhow

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Some websites are considered the best StreamHunter alternatives not because you can stream live sports on them, but because they always show the best sporting events happening live with accurate videos and commentary.

While SteamHunter might be one of the best websites for streaming live sports, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t better websites than StreamHunter. In fact, there are many of them, but this article only focuses on the best and easily accessible ones.

In this article on NaijaKnowHow, we have compiled a compilation of the best StreamHunter alternatives to stream live sports. These sites are good for streaming football and are the best you can find.

List of Best StreamHunter Alternatives to Stream Live Sports

The following websites are chosen based on how active they are and what type of content you can view on them. They are free and you can stream sports like soccer, NBA and so on.

1. Stream2Watch

Best StreamHunter Alternatives

Stream2Watch offers the possibility to stream favorite sports shows, live football, snooker, NHL and even English Premier League matches for free. This website is quite similar to StreamHunter but they have a few differences and that’s why Stream2Watch is one of the best StreamHunter alternatives out there.

With an excellent user interface where viewers don’t randomly switch between options to choose the games they want to watch and also brings updates on the latest sports news and matchplay, Stream2Watch is a good alternative to StreamHunter.



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Another interesting but often overlooked live sports streaming platform besides StreamHunter that is considered an excellent alternative is the LAOLA1. From the website interface you can see all the sports that this website offers, LAOLA1 is currently one of the best.

This sports platform comes with an easy-to-navigate interface and other cool features that aren’t present in Stream Hunter. Besides streaming, if you want to download video games and movies related to sports and watch live highlights with good video and audio content, LAOLA1 is a sure bet you’ll want to try.

3. MyP2P


From the web design to the great pips and extras, the beauty of this site can be seen at a glance. With features for every type of game and even free training material for newbies, P2P tops the list when it comes to choosing the best StreamHunter alternatives to stream live sports online.

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While it is known that StreamHunter offers a high-quality video content platform and also streams in a high-quality resolution with good playback sound and almost no buffering issues. From the NFL to the NBA, from the MLB to boxing, MyP2P offers the same features and is even better.

4. FootyBite


If you need to sign up with another platform before you can access their free sports streaming service, FootyBite doesn’t, and that’s because it’s a platform that requires no signups and no payment plan and the best free sports online in different streaming quality.

FootyBite offers different categories of sports like NBL, NFA, NHL and even basketball games and all games are free to stream. This website also provides latest sports news, it provides various sports news from top leagues and local leagues around the world. It is one of the best StreamHunter alternatives to stream sports online.

5. StopStream

Best StreamHunter Alternatives

How would it feel to give the most popular sport its own sports streaming channel? Speaking of football, I guess I don’t feel that way anymore StopStream is that a sports streaming platform is meant for everything football related.

Die-hard football fans can now enjoy exclusive updates with news, fixtures, highlights and interviews all about football. Like StreamHunter, StopStream has various servers that you can choose from when streaming on their platform, although it has annoying ads, that doesn’t stop it from becoming one of the best StreamHunter alternatives out there.

6. StrikeOut


Are you looking for a platform where you can get notifications about upcoming events and updated sports games and other sports games like WWE games etc.? A site like StrikeOut is the answer.

StrikeOut is one of the best StreamHunter alternatives out there, and that’s because it offers various sports categories for users to stream for free. If you want to see a specific team, you can use the search bar StrikeOut to search for the name of the team or league you want to see, StrikeOut is free and there are various streaming servers on the websites.

7. Boss Cast

Best StreamHunter Alternatives

No other platform covers sports from around the world like SteamHunter, and as an alternative, BossCast seems a perfect fit for online sports streaming. Speaking of sound quality, BossCast offers a free streaming service with the best audio quality available, the same goes for the quality of their video which is rendered in clear HD.

With sports updates and games from hundred and thirty nations, free access and a chat box for sports lovers to interact with each other while continuing to receive live updates of their favorite sports, news and highlights from past events for free, it’s one of the best StreamHunter alternatives out there.


While online sports streaming platform Stream Hunter is popular and known for the free service it offers, that doesn’t mean other streaming platforms don’t exist. What this article has done is provide the best StreamHunter alternatives for streaming sports for free.

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