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How to watch Criminal Minds: Evolution

It wasn’t long after that criminal thoughts completed its 15-season cycle for a heralded revival. After the Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU) helped track serial killer patterns each week and saved many lives in the process, the cast and creative team from the original series are back Criminal Thoughts: Evolution. These are the actors you will see again in their previous roles: Paget Brewster, Joe Mantegna, Aisha Tyler, Adam Rodriguez, Kirsten Vangsnessand AJ Cook. Even though Matthew Gray Gubler and Shemar Moore were important to the team in criminal thoughts, they won’t be back for the revival. At least not yet. A new addition to the cast is Zach Gilford (friday night lights, midnight fair), who plays the main villain and possibly the biggest threat the profilers have ever faced.


The limited series will expand on the well-known CBS drama by battling a group of murderers at large who have banded together in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As profilers focus their attention and analytical skills on this dangerous network of killers, they must also adapt to dynamic workplace changes and the resulting interpersonal challenges. In case you’re looking for all the details on how to catch up on the revival, here’s a breakdown of where and when to watch it.

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When will Criminal Minds: Evolution be released?

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Thanksgiving is here and so is the launch of the series. US viewers can watch the first two episodes during the Thanksgiving break as they officially air on November 24, 2022. After that, new episodes will arrive every Thursday until December 15th. Once the holiday celebrations are over, the show will return to a weekly release schedule beginning January 12, 2023. The season finale will drop on February 9th and will uncover all the leads to apprehend the serial killers.

Where can you stream Criminal Minds: Evolution?

Criminal Thoughts: Evolution will be released on Paramount+. If you haven’t already subscribed to the streaming service, you can pay either $4.99 per month or $49.99 for the whole year for the Essential plan, or even more access to exclusive content via the Premium plan for 9, Get $99 per month/$99.99 per year. The difference between the Basic plan and the Premium option is that the latter lets you watch more live sports and access live streams from your local CBS station without ads (except for TV commercial breaks). You also have the option to download episodes/games to watch at your leisure. A third bundle to consider is Paramount+/Showtime, which also allows subscribers to watch Showtime’s programming without ads. For those interested in this alternative, you can pay $11.99 per month when combined with the Essential plan or $14.99 per month when combined with the Premium option.

If you sign up now, the service will run a promotional offer that allows you to get a one-month free trial using the code “EVOLUTION”. Here is the link to the show’s landing page:

View on Paramount+

The official trailer gives the audience a little glimpse of the investigations that will take place during this season. Corresponding jay snow‘s Collider Review, this new chapter is darker, twisted, and even better than the original. While the series has historically tackled a new serial killer in every episode, Criminal Thoughts: Evolution will focus on a group of serial killers who have been preying on people during the pandemic. The trailer mentioned victims were found from 2005 to 2020, but the crimes reach their climax when a network of killers decide to follow a similar pattern and evolve in their criminal activities. However, the BAU is always trying to improve their tactics in identifying the killers, and they will not back down until justice is done. In this case, the stakes seem higher than ever, so viewers can expect the suspense to build with each episode that comes out.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Joe Mantegna gave more insight into what fans can expect about the revival:

“Well, I just think they should expect it to live up to the name of Criminal Minds: Evolution. That we have evolved to the next level and hopefully they will enjoy and appreciate it and take it to the same level as us because we are all very excited about it. I mean, we really feel like we’ve taken a step forward and up from where we were. So let’s just see how it goes from there. Hopefully for a long, good time beyond where we are now.”

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Where is the original Criminal Minds streamed?

The 'Criminal Minds' agents in an elevator.
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Since Paramount+ is responsible for the revival, you can also stream criminal thoughts via this streaming platform. All 15 seasons of the original series are also available on Hulu. When you subscribe to Hulu, you have the option of paying for an ad-supported plan priced at $7.99 per month/$79.99 per year, or you can pay $14.99 per month for an ad-free plan. Subscribers to the Disney bundle also have access to the series, as it includes content from Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ together. Those interested in acquiring the package can pay $13.99 per month with ads or $19.99 per month with no ads on Hulu and with ads on ESPN+.

Watch on Hulu

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Criminal Minds: Suspicious Behavior (2011): This was the first criminal thoughts Spin-off that became part of the franchise. The limited series focuses on the BAU in San Francisco, which is also working hard to identify killing patterns and uncover the mindset of various killers.

Criminal Minds: Beyond the Limits (2016): This second spin-off series focuses on an international unit of the FBI (known as the International Response Team) as they deal with cases involving American citizens in other parts of the world. The crime drama aired for two seasons.

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