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I bought too many pointless Black Friday dog ​​deals last year, here’s what I would buy now

I was about to have a puppy for the first time and this momentous occasion seemed like the perfect excuse to stock up on Black Friday dog ​​deals. So I put what I thought was the best puppy toy in my virtual shopping cart and tossed in various other “essentials” like puppy pads and cute little collars (yes, a dog Christmas jumper might have too favor in my shopping cart).

Little did I know that what I would really need was what was really necessary. When it came to the dog bed, I wish I had ditched a fluffy, squishy bed for one that would provide adequate support for my pooch’s joints. Puppy pads were a great idea at first, but what I sadly learned all too quickly was that yes, puppies do have accidents while going potty, and what you need are paper towels (and lots of them). And as for the toys? It’s so important to invest in toys that are appropriate for your dog’s interests and size rather than settling on just any old thing that’s fun.

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