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Memphis Wrestling (1/17/1981) Review | 411MANIA

-Originally aired on January 17, 1981.

-Your hosts are Lance Russell and Dave Brown.

-Oh yeah! This one has the commercials intact! And now I’m pining for Long John Silver for the first commercial and there’s none near me. Someone send me a record and some quiet puppies.

-Lance welcomes Hector Guerrero back to the Territory in response to many emails from fans who wrote to him saying they wanted to see him again. By the way, Lance casually mentions that the Southern Heavyweight Title is vacant and offers NO details on that at all, but “as we all know” this tournament has happened recently and this is absolutely the first we’ve heard of the title being vacant and the tournament that is going on. Apparently, Hector is in the quarterfinals after beating “all these other guys”, but he has Dream Machine as his opponent in the quarterfinals match.


– Joe attacks during the ring presentation and commentators are shocked at how relentless Joe is here, not even allowing Hector to take off his glittery jacket. Joe chokes him in the corner, doesn’t let up for a moment, then throws Hector back onto the concrete. Joe gives Hector a two count. Joe sends him on the ropes for a background, but Hector hits a sunset flip for Joe and gets a three. I always advocate letting your opponent shine because it makes you look like a bigger star when you win, but man, Hector took that a little TOO far and he looked like a lucky guy instead of a star.

-Billy Robinson is back in the area giving him props for an incredible match at the Mid-South Coliseum recently. We go to the video where Robinson faces Tony Charles in a face to face encounter and they have an all wrestling competition with lots of cute counters and reversals.

– Back in the studio and this is AWESOME – Billy is a smiling, polite, charming babyface, until Lance mentions, “It was a draw, you didn’t hit him,” and there’s a sudden, noticeable mood swing before that back to polite, friendly Change baby face. Billy is kind and well-mannered, but he emphasizes that Tony is an excellent LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT wrestler, not quite at his level.

-So Lance nudges the bear again and points out, well, if he’s not at your level, then why did he go to a draw with you? And Billy is starting to get a little steamy. Most of the time he keeps his cool, but when he’s spoken to Lance he’s quite upset.

– Tuesday in Louisville, Jerry Lawler meets Austin Idol, the latest protégé to sign with Jimmy Hart. And Lawler is a bit annoyed that Jimmy keeps throwing guys at him and there’s no reward for hitting one of them, it’s just more guy wrestling that Jimmy Hart bothers him with. So Lawler was asking for an actual incentive for this match. Jimmy Hart will lose his Keep On Dancing gold record if Lawler wins!

– Jimmy Hart is here in the studio laughing at Hector Guerrero for flexing his muscles in Mexico City. He can’t beat the Dream Machine in any tournament. Dream Machine will just eat him up like a hot burrito.


-Maley Armdrags Tojo, Tojo fights back with chops and eyerakes. Price tags in and they make short work of him with a big elbow from Jimmy for the three count. This is an odd pairing and they have no chemistry considering they spend a lot of time and energy pushing it forward as a unit.

-Gilbert rolls up Skull for a quick one-count. Koko comes in and works on the arm. Angel comes on and manages to gain control and the heels take turns working on Gilbert while Koko, who by the way is still the TV Champion, protests their tactics from the apron.

-Gilbert continues to be beaten until he gives Koko the hot tag. All four men end up in the ring and the ref has enough trouble restoring order that he misses Angel putting up his arm brace and knocking out Koko ko and Skull wins.

-Austin Idol edits a promo on video highlights. Bonus: They recorded the promo on a phone.

– DENNIS JAMES is on the next commercial break selling us life insurance. Dennis James was the commentator on the weekly wrestling show on the Dumont Network in the early days of television. Also, I heard that a guy who’s really great at writing books about game show history has written an excellent biography chronicling Dennis’s many firsts in the broadcast industry and everyone reading this should get ten copies to buy.

BREAKING: There was a recent Loser Leaves Town match pitting Tommy Rich, Bill Dundee and Carl Fergie against Dream Machine, Tojo Yamomoto and Jimmy Valiant. We’re going to the footage from the Mid-South Coliseum. All six men eventually end up in the ring, and in the confusion, Fergie is knocked unconscious and pinned, and Carl Fergie is forced to leave town.


– Commercials included, we’ve got eight minutes left on the show so it’ll be quick.

FALL ONE – OH WHO ARE WE KIDDING… MATCH: Dundee defeats Oswald. Tommy elbows Oswald down and applies a chinlock. He sends Oswald on the ropes but falls on an attempted dropkick. Irwin tags and bakes Dundee for two. Backbreaker gets two more. Elbow misses and Dundee tries to fight both opponents instead of tagging and he pays for that strategy.

– After taking more beatings, he does the right thing the second time around and tags Tommy. The leapfrog/bodypress combination off the faces gets the threesome just as Dave Brown says we have 15 seconds of TV left.

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