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The “tallest” Christmas tree in the world returns to Enid

ENID – The “world’s tallest freshly cut Christmas tree” has found a new home on the Oklahoma prairies.

However, this 140-foot “Christ Tree” has come to Enid with “boosts” to help it withstand the Oklahoma winds.

The crews use boomlifts to decorate the 140-foot high "the largest freshly cut Christmas tree in the world" in downtown Enid.

Many steps have been taken to avoid a repeat of last year, when a cold front brought strong winds that snapped off the top of the tree giant in 2021, said Kyle Williams, president of Jiffy Trip and founder of “The One,” a 40-year-old anniversary Christmas spectacle in downtown Enid.

The weather-related incident and subsequent repairs drew the attention of numerous news outlets across the country and helped boost the tree’s fame. Smiling, Williams said he would welcome another round of intense media attention this year, but hopefully not for the same reason.

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